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Adjust is a mobile measurement company and a customer data platform. As a part of your existing integration, you may already be sending events to Adjust. You can leverage this event tracking and start sending these events to MoEngage directly.

Following is the procedure to send events to MoEngage using Adjust.


Setup on Adjust Dashboard

To start sending events to MoEngage, you need to follow the below steps -

  1. Go to your Adjust dashboard and navigate to App options caret -> Partner Setup -> Add Partner and choose MoEngage here.

  2. You need to enter APP ID, PASSWORD, and REGION on your Adjust dashboard. These details are available on the MoEngage dashboard -
    APP ID: Copy the APP ID from MoEngage Dashboard > Settings > General.
    PASSWORD: Copy the DATA API KEY from MoEngage Dashboard > Settings > API > General.
    REGION: If you're located in the EU, please select EU in the Region drop-down menu. For all other locations, select the US.

  3. MoEngage only accepts callbacks from Adjust containing a customer ID. To send the MoEngage customer ID in your callbacks, set it up as a partner parameter in the Adjust SDK as moengage_customer_id.
    Ensure you are also tracking using the MoEngage SDK as described in Android | iOS.

For more information on the setup, refer to the Adjust documentation.

Additional Integration

The Adjust Integration only takes care of sending events to MoEngage from Adjust. To leverage MoEngage capabilities like push notifications, in-apps would require some additional integration which is listed in the below table

Integration Details
Android SDK For showing push notifications, capturing performance stats, showing in-app messages and real-time triggers on your Android app.
iOS SDK For showing push notifications, capturing performance stats, showing in-app messages and real-time triggers on your iOS app.
Logout Please ensure that you are not calling MoEngage logout methods from Android or iOS as this may lead to data getting corrupted. For Adjust integration, we need the user unique_id immediately on the first app_open after install. You could use the device ids like GAID, IDFV for this.
User Attributes For capturing details like Email Id, Mobile No. for sending emails, SMS via MoEngage.
For more information about tracking user attributes, refer to Android | iOS.
Smart InApp Messages For showing an in-app message immediately after the user performs an action on your app. To do this, you would need to send such a trigger event via MoEngage SDK directly. Please take care to not use the same event as in Adjust for this case as it may lead to duplication of events.
Location Triggered Location Triggered would need separate integration as well.
Android | iOS


If you wish to send Install Postback with Install Source and Campaign Name from Adjust to MoEngage, please refer to the document here

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