ICS provides SMS Gateways. It helps integrate smart SMS, including the latest Google-verified SMS campaign, into your omni channel marketing strategy. 


Ensure that you have the login credentials such as UserId and bearer auth token for the SMS ICS Account.

If you have any issues with the credentials or if you do not have the credentials, contact ICS support.

Configure SMS Connector (Service Provider)



We've revamped our dashboard settings. This article describes the steps to be followed to configure ICS as a Service Provider in the revamped settings UI and the older UI.

Configure in Revamped UI

Log in to the MoEngage Dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Channel -> SMS -> Sender Configuration.
  2. Select ICS in the Add Sender screen.
  3. Add the following details in the Sender Details screen.
    Field Description

    Mark as default

    This toggle will be disabled during sender creation. The first sender to be created in your MoEngage account will be marked as the default sender for your SMS campaigns. You can change the default sender by following the steps mentioned in Marking a sender as default.

    Sender name

    This field identifies the Sender. Type the name of the sender here.

    Sender type

    The Sender type can either be one of the following:

    1. Service Implicit
    2. Promotional

    Select the appropriate sender type.

    Sender ID

    This is the number from which SMS will be sent to your users.


    This is the username of your ICS account.


    This is the password of your ICS account.

    Shorten URL and track click using

    Select MoEngage if you want MoEngage to track your clicks. Select ICS if you want ICS to track your clicks. Contact ICS support to enable click tracking for your ICS account. With ICS click tracking, click receipts will be automatically tracked by MoEngage.

    Delivery tracking URL

    Copy the Delivery tracking URL and paste it into your ICS portal to get delivery acknowledgments.

  4. Send a test SMS to verify your configuration.
  5. Click Save to save the Sender Configuration.


Configure in Old UI

  1. On the MoEngage Dashboard, navigate to Settings -> Channel -> SMS & Connector and click on the SMS Connector Config tab.
  2. In Integrated Connectors, click ICS.
  3. Fill in the following details:
    Field Description
    Sender Type Select either Service Implicit or Promotional to define the type of SMS sent.

    Sender Name

    Type the name to identify the ICS sender.

    Sender ID

    Type the sender ID identifying the ICS as the SMS provider.


    If you are sending SMS to Indian mobile numbers

    • In the Sender ID field, ensure that you add the Header ID approved under the DLT platform. More details on DLT are captured here.
    • If you try to send an SMS via an unregistered header, your SMS will be rejected and will not be delivered to the end users.


    User Name

    Type the user name used to log in to the ICS account.


    Enter the bearer auth token shared by ICS for your account
  4. Select Yes in the Is Default Sender to make ICS the default SMS sender.
  5. Send a quick test SMS to ensure your configurations are working fine. To do this, click on the Send SMS to Test. Add:
    • Mobile number with country code. Ensure your account is eligible to send SMS in that country.
    • Add the test message. If you send SMS in India, ensure the message content is in line with the approved DLT template. More details are captured here.
    • If you try to test a Promotional SMS and the test number has DND activated, the message might not be delivered. In such cases, test with a number, not in the DND list. 
  6. Click Save to save the Gupshup settings once you receive the test SMS.

Delivery Callback

Delivery receipts will be automatically tracked by MoEngage as we pass the delivery callback URL in the API call to ICS. You don't have to do any additional configuration for tracking the SMS delivery. 

URL shortening and click tracking

For ICS, you can also choose to use the URL shortening and click tracking feature provided by ICS. Just select the Yes option, as shown in the screenshot below.

If you wish to use click tracking via ICS, contact ICS support. In this case, also, click receipts will be automatically tracked by MoEngage. You just have to ensure that ICS has enabled click tracking for your account.

Otherwise, you can simply choose to use MoEngage URL shortening and click tracking service offered by MoEngage.


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