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MoEngage <> Shopflo

With the MoEngage and Shopflo integration, you can forward your e-commerce events on Shopflo to MoEngage and run personalized and targetted campaigns on various channels using MoEngage.




  • You would need your access to your Shopflo dashboard.

Send events from Shopflo to MoEngage

In order to forward events from Shopflo to MoEngage, you need to:

  1. Enable MoEngage integration on the Shopflo Dashboard.
  2. Field Description 
    Data App ID

    App ID of your MoEngage account. You can find this by navigating to Settings -> App Settings -> APIs.

    Data App Key Data API key of your MoEngage account. You can find this by navigating to Settings -> App Settings -> APIs.
    Data Center

    Check your MoEngage URL: https://dashboard-<NUM>

    Based on the NUM value {‘01’ | ‘02’ | ‘03’ | ‘04’}, set the correct input in the data center on the Shopflo dashboard. Know more.

  3. Copy the corresponding values from the MoEngage dashboard and paste them into the Shopflo Dashboard.

Verify your integration

  1. Shopflo has added verification checks on the Shopflo dashboard for your credentials when you add the keys. That should take care of any wrong inputs getting saved.
  2. To test the flow,
    1. Go through the order journey
    2. Search for your email ID on the MoEngage dashboard under Segments → Create segment
    3. You will see the user profile created/updated with respective payloads reflected on the MoEngage dashboard.

Events sent to MoEngage

  • ‍Address submitted
    • line_items: ["41892488839333"]
    • checkoutURL: <>
    • login_type: cookie_login‍
  • Payment method selected
    • checkoutURL: <>
    • type: cookie_login
    • method: 'upi'‍
  • Order Completed
    • discount_value: '323.28'
    • cart_token: 06a7c28f-6d5-4c08-a54-f0728af76
    • shipping_address_province: Uttar pradesh
    • shipping_address_zip: 281121
    • first_name: John
    • order_id: 5190263734503
    • currency: INR
    • total_price: 1023.72
    • last_name: doe
    • discount_codes: {0: GUNEET20, 1: PREPAID}
    • line_items: {0: 8056809390311, 1: 8084034322663}
    • shipping_address_country: Indiaty
    • PageURL: ""
    • shippin_address_city: Vrindavan
    • buyer_accepts_marketing: true

Note: User profile update happens at the address submitted event. Parameters updated:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Email

How to enable Shopflo checkout url?

Use the Shopflo Address Submitted event in your workflows to send Abandoned Checkout messages to users. The parameter checkoutURL will open the checkout for the user.

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