Exotel is a full-stack customer engagement platform comprised of communication APIs, an omnichannel contact center & conversational AI platform in the cloud.

MoEngage <> Exotel

Use MoEngage Connector Campaigns to send out timely Voice Campaigns to your users.




  • Ensure you have access to your Exotel account.
  • Ensure you have access to Exotel APIs.


Use MoEngage Connector Campaign to trigger Exotel APIs. Below is a tutorial on how to call the Call Campaign API on Exotel:

Step 1: Get API Endpoints and specifications

Read the Exotel documentation to understand the endpoints for your use case.

Step 2: Setup Connector Campaign on MoEngage

To create a connector campaign on MoEngage, 

1. Navigate to Create Campaign >> Connectors >> Custom and choose the delivery type most suitable to your needs


2. On step 2 of the campaign 

Call the Exotel API

To create a new Call Campaign on Exotel, use the POST method and configure the payload.

  • Select the method as POST
  • Headers:
    • For Basic Authentication, use your Exotel API key as the username and your API token as the password.
  • Add the endpoint as Webhook URL: https://<your_api_key>:<your_api_token><subdomain>/v2/accounts/<your_sid>/campaigns
  • Body:
        "campaigns": [
                "name": "Exotel_2022-08-08 16:33:22",
                "caller_id": "0xxxx83280",
                "lists": [
                "campaign_type": "dynamic",
                "flow_type": "ivr",
                "read_via_text": "Hi {{UserAttribute['First Name']}} {{UserAttribute['Last Name']}}, your order ID is {{EventAttribute['Order ID']}}. Press 1 to proceed, press 2 to abort"


Preview your request 

At this point, your campaign should be ready to test and send. You can also test your connector configuration using the Test functionality available in Step 2 of Create Connector Campaign.Screen_Shot_2022-02-22_at_11.12.42_AM.png

You can go ahead and Publish the campaign.




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