Mailmodo, one of MoEngage's Technology Partners, enables you to create engaging email templates to increase user engagement and marketing ROI using Emails. 

Benefits and Use-cases

Mailmodo is an AMP email solution and with the integration, you can:

  • Use the MoEngage Segmentation module to send emails to targeted users.
  • Enable Mailmodo for template creation and to connect with the email triggering partner or ESP such as Sendgrid, Mailchimp, and so on.
  • Use the existing SendGrid account (Standalone SendGrid account or MoEngage-Sendgrid account)with Mailmodo to send emails from Mailmodo.
  • Use the MoEngage Campaign Analytics to analyze the email campaigns sent using Mailmodo.
  • Use MoEngage connector campaigns to trigger campaigns with Mailmodo templates. 




  • Ensure you have a Mailmodo account. 
  • In Mailmodo settings, ensure that you provide the email address used to send the email campaigns.
  1. Copy the API key from the SendGrid.
  2. Enter the API key from the SendGrid app to connect the SMTP service with Mailmodo.

  3. Ensure the From Address for the Domain is verified in SendGrid.
    When you complete API key configuration, the profile status is displayed as:
    • Verified in Domain Authentication.
    • Pending in AMP Registration.
  4. You can send email campaigns using Mailmodo
    • Mailmodo team sends the Domain for AMP approval to Google after Domain Authentication is verified.
    • Google processes within 5-7 days.
    • AMP Registration is Approved.

Send  Email Campaigns in Mailmodo

Create Templates in Mailmodo

You can use the templates to create feedback forms, NPS surveys, appointment scheduling, user inputs forms, and so on. For more information about all the AMP components in Mailmodo and how to use them, refer to Using the Editor.

To create an AMP template, do one of the following in the Mailmodo Dashboard:

  1. Create AMP templates.
  2. Upload HTML templates created in MoEngage or any other HTML templates using the Select Template section.

Create Campaigns in Mailmodo

To create a campaign in Mailmodo, do the following:

  1. Select an AMP template in Campaigns.
  2. Add all the email campaign details such as Subject, Preheader, Sender Name, and so on.

  3. Ensure to preview the email campaign.

  4. Use the MoEngage Segmentation module for target users used in the campaign by selecting MoEngage in Trigger on events.

  5. Review the template in both AMP and HTML (static) versions before publishing the campaign.

  6. Test your campaign with real users to see how it appears in the inbox. Mailmodo will create a static HTML version for every AMP template automatically and send the HTML version to the users who are not on Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or

  7. Enable the campaign in Mailmodo

  8. Copy the webhook URL to MoEngage Connector Campaign.

For more information, refer to Trigger Campaigns through MoEngage in Mailmodo

MoEngage Connector campaigns connect with the Transactional Campaigns inside Mailmodo.

Send Email Campaigns from MoEngage


Sending Requirement

Add Hard Bounce, Spam, and Unsubscribe criteria in Segmentation of the campaign creation manually to ensure your domain reputation is intact.

Use the connector campaigns to send email campaigns from MoEngage. For more information, refer to Connector Campaigns.

Ensure you do the following in the MoEngage connector campaign when you send campaigns using MoEngage:

  1. In Webhook URL, select the URL method as POST.

  2. Copy the Body template from Mailmodo to MoEnagage and use the personalization attributes accordingly to personalize the email template.

  3. When you create the campaign, a connection between MoEngage and Mailmodo is established and you can start sending email campaigns triggered from MoEngage.


  1. Use the personalization tag '${attribute_name}' to personalize subject lines, links, and images in Mailmodo.

  2. Ensure that the attributes with respective values are passed in the API call from MoEngage to populate the same and personalize templates.

  3. Ensure to use MoEngage User attributes in the attribute values to personalize the Mailmodo templates using MoEngage attribute personalization.

  4. Personalize Images in Mailmodo. For more about how to personalize images in Mailmodo Templates, refer to How to use dynamic image feature in your campaign.

Analyze Campaign Data in MoEngage

  1. For more information about the analysis of campaigns, refer to Analyze emails in MoEngage.

  2. Export the response data from Mailmodo and use the exported data in MoEngage Data APIs.

Limitations of MoEngage <> Mailmodo Integration

  1. Templates created in Mailmodo cannot be synced back to MoEngage. Switch back to Mailmodo from MoEngage to view the AMP templates.

  2. A/B testing is based on Subject Lines and the distribution is always 50-50%.

  3. Locales are not available in Mailmodo Campaigns.

  4. MoEngage Content API is not supported in Mailmodo Campaigns.

  5. In-Email Video player is not supported in Mailmodo Campaigns.



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