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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a leading enterprise customer data platform that delivers personalized customer experiences with a 360-degree view of your customers.

MoEngage <> Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights 

The MoEngage and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights integration allows you to export customer segments from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to MoEngage. 

Once your segments have successfully exported to MoEngage, you will be able to find them by name and use them for targeting in your MoEngage Campaigns. Segments on MoEngage will be created with the same name as the segment found in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.Screenshot_2022-07-27_at_2.51.09_PM.png




  • Ensure you have administrator access on your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to view and edit connections and access the necessary plugins. 
  • MoEngage data API ID - This can be accessed within the MoEngage Dashboard > Settings >> APIs >> General Settings. 
  • MoEngage data App Key - This can be created within the MoEngage Dashboard > Settings >> APIs >> General Settings. 
  • MoEngage data center - Your data center aligns with your MoEngage dashboard instance. Read more 

Step 1: Setup a connection to MoEngage 

On your customer insights dashboard,

      1. Navigate to Admin >> Connections.

      2. Select Add connection and choose MoEngage to configure the connection.

      3. Give your connection a recognisable name in the Display name field. The name and the type of the connection describe this connection. We recommend choosing a name that explains the purpose and target of the connection.

      4. Choose who can use this connection. If you take no action, the default will be Administrators. For details, see Allow contributors to use a connection for exports.

      5. Enter your MoEngage Data API ID and API key.
        Log in to your MoEngage Dashboard and navigate to Settings -> API Settings. The App ID and Secret Key as described:

      6. Review the data privacy and compliance and select I agree.

      7. Select Connect to initialise the connection to MoEngage.

      8. Select Add yourself as export user and provide your Customer Insights credentials.

      9. Select Save to complete the connection.

Step 2: Configure an export 

To configure this export, you must have permission for this connection type.

      1. Go to Data >> Exports.

      2. To create a new export, select Add export.

      3. In the Connection for export field, choose a connection from the MoEngage section. 

      4. In the Data matching section, in the Email field, select the field that represents a customer's email address. Repeat the same steps for other optional fields.

      5. Select the segments you want to export. We'll create one or more segments with the same name as the selected segments in MoEngage under Segments >> Custom Segments.

      6. Select Save.

Saving an export doesn't run the export immediately. The export runs with every scheduled refresh. You can also export data on demand.


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