Phrasee uses generative AI to generate billions of the best marketing messages across the digital customer journey.

MoEngage <> Phrasee

Phrasee analyzes audience personas, product lines, and brand guidelines, and uses AI to generate and optimize copy unique to your brand and audience. With the MoEngage and Phrasee integration, you can:

  • Embed Phrasee's dynamically generated content in your MoEngage Campaigns
  • Forward MoEngage Events to Phrasee to fine-tune your Phrasee campaign's performances




  • You would need your Phrasee API token to use their APIs.
  • You would need to create templates in your Phrasee dashboard.
  • To forward events to Phrasee, you will need to enable S3 Exports for your account in MoEngage.

Embed Phrasee content in MoEngage Campaigns

Using MoEngage's Content APIs, you can dynamically add content created by Phrasee inside MoEngage campaigns for a more personalized experience. Below is an example of generating a personalized subject line by using Gen AI, for an email campaign:

Step 1: Set up a MoEngage Content API



We've revamped our dashboard settings UI. Content API is now available in Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Content API in the revamped UI. For more information, refer to Summary of Changes - Settings UI Revamp.

  1. Revamped UI Old UI

    Navigate to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Content API. Click + Add content API at the top right corner of the Content API screen.


  2. Add your Phrasee to the endpoint URL. Depending on your use case, the endpoint will change. 

    To display a personalized AI-generated subject line, use Phrasee's Single Variant Realtime API.

    While setting up your content API, select and method as GET and insert the following URL:<my_campaign_id>&delivery_id={{CampaignAttribute['_id']}}&recipient_id={{UserAttribute['Mobile Number (Standard)']}}

    Your URL Paramaters will automatically be filled if you paste the above URL.

    Under Headers, add the following:
    1. Authorization: Enter your API Token given to you by Phrasee.
  3. Click on "Save" and then "Done" once you see a successful response.
  4. Note - You can also test your APIs. To test your APIs, from the Content API's action menu, click on "Test". You can your API response and validate it. 

Step 2: Display your content inside MoEngage campaigns

To use this API in your MoEngage campaigns,

  1. On step 2 on your campaign creation, enter @. 
  2. In the pop up, you can select Phrasee Content API configured in Step 1.
  3. You can use MoEngage Templating Language to parse through the API response and use the content in your campaigns.

    To display the subject line generated by Phrasee, you can use the following code:
    {% set response = ContentApi.PhraseeIntegration({({"params":{"campaign_id":"12345","delivery_id":"{{CampaignAttribute['_id']}}","recipient_id":"{{UserAttribute['Mobile Number (Standard)']}}"},"static_params":{},"dynamic_params":{},"request_body":{}})}) %}{{ response.variant_text }}
  4. You can click on the Preview tab to view your campaign in real-time personalization:
  5. You can go ahead and Publish the campaign.

Forward MoEngage events to Phrasee

Using MoEngage S3 Exports, you can capture which campaigns performed better by forwarding events like Email Open to Phrasee.

Step 1: Request Phrasee Amazon S3 credentials

To start, you'll need Phrasee to set up a special Amazon s3 bucket to receive your tracking events from MoEngage.

Reach out to your Phrasee Customer Success Manager to start this process. When the bucket has been created, your Customer Success Manager will provide you with your unique credentials to configure your integration.

Step 2: Configure the S3 Exports on MoEngage

  1. Follow the steps provided on our help doc to set up S3 Exports.
  2. Under events, at a minimum select Email Clicked, but if you have other channels you may need to select other metrics. For Push, you will need Notification Clicked Android and Notification Clicked iOS as well. 
  3. For User properties, search for ID and scroll down to select the Tracked Standard Attribute:
  4. When you're finished, click Test Connect, and assuming no errors, press Connect to finish the setup.

This will start pushing events to your Phrasee account as per the frequency chosen by you.




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