AB Tasty


AB Tasty, one of MoEngage's Technology Partners enables you to run your product a/b/multivariate experiments on your website, app, features and so much more.  You can run these experiments through AB Tasty and analyze the results in MoEngage.


Analyzing the results of the experiment in MoEngage

To analyze the results of your experiments in MoEngage, you need to setup the data tracking for MoEngage as shown below - 


On your Android app, setup the callbacks as shown below -

// Flagship campaign activation


// Get Flagship campaign information, map it, and send it to Segment

JSONObject json = Flagship.Companion.getModificationInfo("my_flag");
        if (json != null) {
            Iterator<String> iterator = json.keys();
            Properties properties = new Properties();
            while (iterator.hasNext()){
                String name = iterator.next();
                properties.addAttribute(name, json.opt(name));
            MoEHelper.getInstance().trackEvents("Flagship_Source_Java", properties);


On your iOS app, setup the callbacks as shown below -

if let campaign_info = Flagship.sharedInstance.getModificationInfo(key:"my_flag")
{ let campaignInfoDict = NSMutableDictionary.init(dictionary: campaign_info) let properties = MOProperties.init(attributes: campaignInfoDict) MoEngage.sharedInstance().trackEvent("Flagship_Source_ios", with: properties) }





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