Storylane enables B2B marketing and Sales Engineering teams to capture your product and create engaging demos and product tours.

MoEngage <> Storylane

With Storylane, you can build and share interactive product demos with your prospects and leads. With the MoEngage and Storylane integration, you can:

  • Send customized product demo links to your prospects in MoEngage Campaigns


Embed Product Demo links in MoEngage Campaigns

Using MoEngage's JINJA personalization, you can dynamically add links created by Storylane inside MoEngage campaigns for a more personalized experience. Below is an example of how to do this for an email campaign:

Step 1: Create a new MoEngage Email Campaign

To use this link in your MoEngage campaigns,

  1. On step 2 on your campaign creation, paste your Product Demo link and enter @. 
  2. In the pop up, you can select Email (Standard).

    To display the link generated by Storylane, you can use the following code:
    https://<your_domain><share_code>?email={{UserAttribute['Email (Standard)']}}
  3. You can click on the Preview tab to view your campaign in real-time personalization:
  4. You can go ahead and Publish the campaign.




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