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Times Mobile (Part of Times Internet Limited) offers enterprise communication services including SMS, Voice, Email, RCS & WhatsApp Business Messaging. With the MoEngage and Times Mobile SMS Integration, you can communicate with your end users for the following:
  • Bulk SMS communication of different categories – Promotional, Service Implicit, and Service explicit.
  • Real-Time Delivery updates

In addition, you can also automate sales and marketing engagements by sending personalized texts through a secured SMS Platform.




  • You must have an SMS account with respective SMS Push API details from TIL.
  • You must have DLT-approved details i.e., templates if the region of your account is in India.

Configure Times Mobile  as a Custom SMS Connector

Log in to the MoEngage dashboard

      1. Navigate to Settings > Channel > SMS & Connectors.  
      2. Click the SMS Connector Config tab.
      3. Under Custom Connecters, click +CREATE.
      4. Add the following details:

Field Description

Sender Type

Select Sender Type - Promotional/Transactional based on SMS
account at TIL.

Connector Name

Enter the Connector Name for the SMS Connector to uniquely identify it. Example: "Times Mobile"

Sender Name

Enter Sender Name (DLT Approved Header)


Select the GET or POST option depending on which HTTP Endpoint you have from TIL.

Now Enter the TIL SMS Push Endpoint (GET/POST) with respective credentials/details:

  • GET API:
    • Endpoint: https://bsms.timesapi.in/ct/api/v1/send?username=&password=&unicode=false&from=&to=Moesms_destination&text=Moesms_mess age&dltContentId=Moesms_dltTemplateId&corelationid=Moesms_campaignId
    • Key-value pair: Enter your keys and values.
    • Endpoint: https://bsms.timesapi.in/ct/api/v1/message
    • Enter the JSON payload structure supported by the POST Endpoint.

Parameter Details

Key value pair / Json Parameter details:

  • username=<******> [TIL api username]
  • password=<******> [TIL api password]
  • unicode= [by default “false” for normal English SMS text and “true” for Unicode SMS text]
  • from= [DLT approved Header]
  • to=Moesms_message [Mobile no. on which SMS to be sent]
  • text=Moesms_destination [DLT approved message text]
  • dltContentId=Moesms_dltTemplateId [DLT Template ID for message text]
  • corelationid=Moesms_campaignId [Parameter for MoEngage Campaign Id]


For POST Endpoint, please enter below key-value pairs:

  1. Key: Content-Type | Value: application/json
  2. Key: Accept | Value: application/json
  3. Key: Authorization | Value: Basic

Body Type (Only for POST)

For POST Endpoint, select “Raw” and Enter the entire JSON payload structure:

    "extra": {
        "corelationid": "Moesms_campaignld",
        "dltContentId": "Moesms_dltTemplateld"
    "message": {
        "recipient": "Moesms_destination",
        "text": "Moesms_message"
    "sender": "",
    "unicode": "false"

Delivery tracking

For Delivery tracking, after saving the “Custom Connector” edit it. Now select the option “Map fields manually” and do the below mapping:

  • Unique sent ID field: uuid
  • Unique delivery ID field *: uuid
  • Delivery status field *: status
  • Success values for delivery status *: DELIVERY_SUCCESS
  • Failure reason field *: description

Please share SMS delivery tracking URL with Times for configuration.

  1. Click Save. The settings have been added.


If any issue occurs while sending test message or saving configuration follow the below steps:

  • Ensure that the TIL Endpoint and respective parameters/json structure are added correctly as they are case-sensitive.
  • If the issue persists, raise a Support Request to MoEngage to get your error code.
  • Connect with the TIL support team to get the issue resolved after you receive the error code from the MoEngage Support team. Support Email: support@timesmobile.in



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