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Marketers need to create impactful creatives that you can used or retargeting across MoEngage campaigns. Creatives can be in form of an personalised email template or a content block (reusable elements such as a header, footer, or a coupon code across campaigns).

You can directly create content creatives in MoEngage using our APIs


The following integrations are supported- 

Capability API details  Description 
Email templates

Email template API helps to fetch, create and update templates in MoEngage.

Content blocks Content block API helps to fetch, create and update content blocks in MoEngage.


1. Localise content

Let's say, your customers are creating email templates on MoEngage and you want to build a capability that automatically detects the language of incoming content and instantly translates to a different  language. 

You can use our Get APIs to fetch the email template from MoEngage and localise them on your platform and then send these localised templates back to MoEngage via Create/Update APIs

That's how you can leverage MoEngage APIs for localised content. 

2. Sync creatives

Let's say, you have templating tool that allows customers to build super creatives and content for their endusers. Now, once your customers now want to send these impactful content via MoEngage campaigns.

You can use our Create/Update APIs to sync the email templates from your platform into MoEngage. These templates can then be directly used inside MoEngage campaigns



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