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MoEngage <> Nexla

With the MoEngage and Nexla integration, you can leverage Data Warehouses Exports to seamlessly send your Campaign Interaction Data to destinations like Snowflake, BigQuery, or Amazon S3. Nexla can then efficiently extract, transform, and load this data, enabling you to effortlessly forward it to your desired destinations for easy access and utilization. With this integration, you can:

  • Forward campaign interaction events to Nexla using Data Warehouses Exports
  • Forward transformed data from Nexla to MoEngage using Snowflake/S3/SFTP Imports.




Using MoEngage as a source on Nexla

Step 1: Send data to your Data Warehouse

If not already enabled, you can speak to your Account Manager to enable Data Warehouses Exports for your account. Nexla currently supports the following sources to which MoEngage can natively export campaign interaction data:

  1. Snowflake Exports
  2. BigQuery Exports
  3. Amazon S3 Exports

Once you have set up Automated Exports for your account, you should start seeing data in your data warehouse.

Step 2: Add your source to Nexla

To use MoEngage as a source on Nexla, you need to connect your Snowflake/BigQuery/S3 account to Nexla. Head over to the Nexla docs to understand how to add a Data Source.

If you wish to send additional data to Nexla, you can also make use of Connector Campaigns to send Webhook requests to Nexla. To set up connector campaigns, refer to this guide along with Nexla's Webhook reference doc.

Sending data to MoEngage from Nexla

Step 1: Send data to your data warehouse

Create a new Data Flow on Nexla and select any of the supported Data Warehouses as Destinations on Nexla. Head over to the Nexla docs to understand how to send a Nexset.

You can also use Nexla's Rest API (Generic) destination to forward users and events directly using MoEngage's Data APIs.

Step 2: Import data into MoEngage

Currently, it is possible to import data into MoEngage using the following data destinations:

  1. Snowflake Imports
  2. Amazon S3 Imports
  3. SFTP Imports

Transform data

If you wish to apply personalized data transformations or leverage Nexla's prebuilt connectors, simply click on the Transform button associated with the dataset. This will grant you access to the Transform Builder, where you can effortlessly perform custom transformations. For detailed instructions on utilizing the Transform Builder, you can refer to the comprehensive documentation provided by Nexla.

Using the integration

Once the flow is set up, Nexla handles changes in the source data, scales to new data, and notifies you of schema changes or errors. To make changes to transformations, source, or destination, simply update the options and Nexla will instantly update the flow.



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