QuestionPro is an online survey software for polling, tablet-based mobile research, and data visualization.

MoEngage <> QuestionPro

With the MoEngage and QuestionPro integration, you can quickly create surveys to collect product feedback and conduct valuable research to gain detailed insights straight from MoEngage campaigns across various channels like emails, push, and in-apps.




  • Ensure you have access to a QuestionPro account.
  • Ensure you have permission to create and distribute the survey.

Step 1: Create or select a survey in QuestionPro

QuestionPro allows you to create various different types of surveys using its simple UI. You can either choose to create a new survey in QuestionPro or select an existing survey to send to your end-users. Look for the Survey URL on the top right of the form:


You can use this link to send out personalized surveys in MoEngage campaigns. Click on the link to copy the survey URL.

Step 2: Personalize survey in MoEngage campaigns

In order to personalize the survey, you can create Custom Variables on QuestionPro:

Once you have created these variables, you can use them inside your survey and populate them when sending out MoEngage Campaigns. You can create hidden questions to gather the user's email or ID as pre-filled values in the background. In order to pass these custom variables to your survey, pass them as URL parameters inside the MoEngage template:

Paste the Survey URL link in the template, and type "@" to personalize this link:

When your users click on this link, they will be able to access their personalized surveys:

Send out QuestionPro survey using MoEngage In-Apps

QuestionPro also allows you to embed your questions inside MoEngage In-App templates. To get the embed link of a question:

  1. On your QuestionPro Dashboard, Go to Surveys >> Edit >> Workspace
  2. Click on question Settings.
  3. Click on Embed under question settings.
  4. Here you will get the embed URL for each answer option.

Once you have this URL, you can create a new MoEngage In-App Campaign and select a template as per your requirement. Then, paste this link inside the template actions. You can also type "@" to personalize the link to pre-populate or pass Custom Variables:

By embedding your QuestionPro Surveys using native templates in MoEngage, you can create a more seamless and personalized experience for your users and use this as an opportunity to collect deep insights.



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