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Ensure you have access to your Netcore dashboard. 

Configure Netcore as a Custom SMS Connector

This document will help you set Netcore as a Custom Connector on the MoEngage dashboard. You can then simply choose Netcore Custom Connector to send SMS. 

Before creating the campaign, ensure that you have FeedId, username, and Password for Netcore Account. If you cannot find these, reach out to your contact in Netcore.

When you are ready, log in to the MoEngage dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. On the MoEngage Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Channel > SMS & Connector and click on the SMS Connector Config tab.
  2. In Custom Connecters, click CREATE. Netcore_Create.png

Step 1: Set the Connector

Fill in the following details:

Field Description
Connector Name Type the name to identify the Netcore custom connector.

Sender Name

Type the name to identify the Netcore sender.

Step 2: Configure Webhook

Add Netcore Webhook URL. Use GET Method to send the API request.

Webhook URL: Just copy the below URL in Webhook URL Field:[[Mobile Number]]&Text=SampleMessage

Once copied, URL parameters will be populated automatically. You should be able to see something like this:


Change value for these keys: 

  • Feedid, username and password - Set as per your account credentials
  • To - Add Moesms_destination to pass the mobile number of the user.
  • Text - Add Moesms_message


If you are sending a transaction message, add additional URL Param:

  • senderId - Should contain the Sender Id being allocated to your account by Netcore

Step 3: Test and save the settings

Do a test SMS to make sure everything is set up correctly. And finally, click Save to save the settings. 

Now you are good to proceed with SMS Campaign creation. 



MoEngage cannot track SMS delivery for Custom Connector.

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