Reignite is a real time email personalisation software that allows email marketers to create and manage sophisticated 1:1 email personalisation. Reignite offers Recipe Builder, AI Product Recommendations, Weather & Location Targeting and Real-time Email Content All content adapts in real-time. 

MoEngage <> Reignite

With the MoEngage and Reignite integration, you can use for Reignite personalised content in MoEngage email campaigns. 




  • Access to your Reignite account.

Step 1: Create content on Reignite

On your Reignite dashboard,

1. Go to the tags section on the image or campaign you wish to add to MoEngage.

Note- Ensure that any variable data that gets passed into the image and link URLs are in MoEngagae jinja syntax. This ensures that when you send an email MoEngage will replace these placeholders with the customers data, and Reignite will render the image for each individual using their specific data.

2. Once you have image tag, you can just copy it. You will need to paste it inside your MoEngage Campaign's Template.

Step 2: Use this code inside MoEngage Campaigns

To include the code in your MoEngage campaign, on step 2 of the campaign creation- 

  1. Create a new HTML block
  2. Paste the copied code from Step 2 inside HTML Block.
  3. Replace the MERGE_TAG with MoEngage Templating code by typing "@" and selecting the appropriate attribute to personalize:
    <Your copied HTML code here>

You can choose to view the Preview by clicking on the Preview icon or test your campaign.





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