SurveyMonkey is a cloud-based survey tool that helps users create, send, and analyze surveys.

MoEngage <> Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey helps you to drive your business forward by using their online survey and forms tool to capture the voices and opinions of your users. With the MoEngage and SurveyMonkey integration, you can:

  • Imports MoEngage users to your SurveyMonkey Contacts
  • Add your MoEngage users to your SurveyMonkey Contact Lists




  • You will need to create a private app to access SurveyMonkey's APIs.
  • Ensure you have your SurveyMonkey's API Key.

Add MoEngage users to SurveyMonkey's Contact Lists

To create a connector campaign on MoEngage, 

1. Navigate to Create Campaign >> Connectors >> Custom and choose the delivery type most suitable to your needs. In this case, select "Event triggered".


Select the Trigger criteria and your target audience.

2. On step 2 of the campaign:

Call the SurveyMonkey API

To forward MoEngage users to SurveyMonkey, use the POST method and configure the payload.

  • Select the method as POST
  • Headers:
    • Authorization: Bearer <your_api_key>
    • Content-Type: application/json
  • Add the endpoint as Webhook URL:{{CONTACT_LIST_ID}}/contacts - Replace {{CONTACT_LIST_ID}} with your contact list's ID.
  • Body:
        "first_name": "{{UserAttribute['First Name']}}",
        "last_name": "{{UserAttribute['Last Name']}}",
        "email": "{{UserAttribute['Email (Standard)']}}",
        "custom_fields": {
            "Phone": "{{UserAttribute['Mobile Number (Standard)']}}",
            "City": "{{UserAttribute['Last Known City']}}",
            "Country": "{{UserAttribute['Last Known Country']}}"

Preview your request 

At this point, your campaign should be ready to test and send. You can also test your connector configuration using the Test functionality available in Step 2 of Create Connector Campaign.Screen_Shot_2022-02-22_at_11.12.42_AM.png

You can go ahead and Publish the campaign.




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