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Appsflyer is a mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform that helps you analyze and optimize your apps through marketing analytics, mobile attribution, and deep linking.

MoEngage <> Appsflyer audience

MoEngage and AppsFlyer audience integration allows you to drive user engagement and increase the efficiency of your remarketing programs by leveraging the power of the user segments built in AppsFlyer Audiences. You can pass your AppsFlyer audiences directly to MoEngage to create powerful customer engagement campaigns. 




  • Ensure you have access to your Appsflyer account. 
  • MoEngage data API ID - This can be accessed within the MoEngage Dashboard > Settings >> APIs >> General Settings. 
  • MoEngage data App Key - This can be created within the MoEngage Dashboard > Settings >> APIs >> General Settings.  
  • MoEngage data center - Select one of the following depending upon the MoEngage Data Center you have signed up with. You can refer to this article for more details on identifying your MoEngage data center.

To integrate AppsFlyer audience with MoEngage, follow these steps:

Step 1: Setting up MoEngage as a destination on Appsflyer

i) Navigate to Create an Outgoing connection on your Appsflyer dashboard. image.png

ii) Fill in the details on App ID, Secret Key and data center. You can understand more about these fields in the pre-requisite section. 

iii) Click Save.  

Step 2: Using Appsflyer audience on MoEngage

After the integration, the cohorts created on Appsflyer are available as a custom segment in MoEngage. The custom segment can be used in any MoEngage campaigns to send personalized messages to the users. 



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