Vonage is a communication platform as a service (CPaaS) provider for consumers and businesses that make it possible for customers to connect and communicate on any device through cloud-hosted voice, video, chat, and short message service (SMS).




Ensure you have access to your Vonage dashboard. 

Configure Vonage as Custom SMS Connector

This document will help you set Vonage as a Custom Connector on MoEngage dashboard. You can then simply choose Vonage Custom Connector to send SMS. 

Before proceeding ahead, make sure you have the following parameters for calls to Vonage API (Nexmo). You can find your Key and Secret in Vonage Dashboard. You can also read about Vonage SMS API here.

Parameter Description
api_key - Your Key. For example: api_key=n3xm0rocks
api_secret - Your Secret. For example: api_secret=12ab34cd

Once you are ready, log in to MoEngage dashboard and follow the steps outlined below:

  1. On the MoEngage Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Channel > SMS & Connector and click on the SMS Connector Config tab.
  2. In Custom Connecters, click CREATE. Vonage_CreateConnectors.png

Step 1: Set the Connector

Fill in the following details:

Field Description
Connecter Name Type the name to identify the Vonage custom connector.

Sender Name

Type the name to identify the Vonage sender.

Step 2: Configure Webhook

Add the Vonage webhook URL . Choose GET or as suggested by Vonage. The following example uses the SMS API of Vonage.

GET Method:


Once you enter your API Request URL, you will be able to see the URL parameters here:


You can find your Key and Secret in Vonage Dashboard.

In to the field, add Moesms_destination to pass the mobile number of the user. In the text field, add Moesms_message, as shown below


Replace From with the sender Id of your account provided by Vonage. 

Step 3: Test and save the settings

Do a test SMS to make sure everything is set up correctly. And finally, click Save to save the settings. 

Now you are good to proceed with SMS Campaign creation. 

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