Framework Dependency

MoEngage React Native Segment Plugin Supports version 2.0.0 or above of analytics-react-native. We do not support 1.x.x version.

Installing Segment Dependency

If Segment is already integrated into the project then you can skip this section.

npm install @segment/analytics-react-native

After adding the above plugin, complete the required Segment Setup.

Installing MoEngage React-Native Dependency

MoEngage Segment React-Native Plugin

Install the MoEngage Segment React-Native plugin.

npm install react-native-segment-plugin-moengage

MoEngage React-Native Plugin

Install the MoEngage React-Native plugin

npm install react-native-moengage

After installing the plugin use the following platform-specific configuration.

  • Android
  • iOS: No Platform Installation is Required



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