Poplar is a performance driven direct mail solution that helps customers drive growth at every stage of the customer journey. 

Use cases

The Poplar <> MoEngage integration lets you send physical mailers from your MoEngage campaigns and flows.




1. Ensure you have access to your Poplar dashboard.

2. Ensure that you have your Poplar API keys. You can also create one for MoEngage if needed. 

To integrate with Poplar, use the Poplar APIs  to send recipient data via MoEngage connectors.

Step 1: Create connector campaign on MoEngage 

To create a connector campaign on MoEngage, 

1. Navigate to Create Campaign >> Connectors >> Custom  


2. On step 2 of the campaign, select -  

a) URL details 

Key Value 
Method POST
Webhook URL https://api.heypoplar.com/v1/mailing
URL params --

b) Headers 

Add the following two headers

Key Value 
Authorization Bearer <Poplar API key>
Content-Type application/json>

c) Request Body 

In the following request body, select RAW and enter the following payload- 

"campaign_id": "{{UserAttribute['campaign_id']}}",
"recipient": {
"city": "{{UserAttribute['City']}}",
"email": "{{UserAttribute['Email']}}",
"state": "{{UserAttribute['State']}}",
"address_1": "{{UserAttribute['Address line 1']}}",
"address_2": "{{UserAttribute['Address line 2']}}",
"first_name": "{{UserAttribute['First Name']}}",
"last_name": "{{UserAttribute['Last Name']}}",
"postal_code": "{{UserAttribute['Postal code']}}"
"merge_tags": {
"promo-code": ""
"creative_id": "<any sample id>"


Step 3: Test your configuration 

At this point, your campaign should be ready to test and send. You can also test your connector configuration using the Test functionality available on Step 2 of Create Connector Campaign


Check the Poplar dashboard once you test the configuration or trigger the campaign.



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