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MoEngage <> ThoughtSpot

The integration between MoEngage and ThoughtSpot makes use of MoEngage Datawarehouse Exports to derive in-depth user behavior analytics for your users. With ThoughtSpot's powerful worksheets and models, this integration empowers you to seamlessly search through your MoEngage campaign interaction data and discover valuable insights.




  • You need a ThoughtSpot account for this integration.
  • You will need to enable Data Warehouses Exports for your account.

Step 1: Forward data to your data warehouses

Using MoEngage's Data Warehouses Exports, you can export your user's Campaign Interaction Data to your data warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, etc. If you do not have these Exports enabled for your account, you can either speak to your Customer Success Manager or request enablement for these integrations directly from the MoEngage App Marketplace.


Step 2: Connect your data warehouse to ThoughtSpot

Once your data starts flowing to your data warehouse, you can select the tables and columns you want to analyze. Using ThoughtSpot Connections, you can perform live queries on external databases.

Learn more about the connections ThoughtSpot supports. You can then create models on your data, search and visualize data to find all the answers you need.



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