Hightouch is a modern data integration platform that enables you to sync customer, product, or proprietary data from your warehouse or data lake to any app of your choice, all without assistance from your IT or engineering teams.

MoEngage <> Hightouch

The MoEngage and Hightouch integration allows you to build better campaigns on MoEngage with up-to-date customer data from your data warehouse. By automatically syncing users and events into MoEngage, you no longer need to worry about data consistency and can focus on building customer experiences.

Use cases

  • Sync data about users into MoEngage to build personalized campaigns.
  • Sync Customer Events from Hightough into MoEngage to keep the events consistent.
  • Deliver better experiences by bringing data from other customer touchpoints into MoEngage.




  • Ensure you have access to your Hightouch account. 
  • MoEngage data API ID - This can be accessed within the MoEngage Dashboard > Settings >> APIs >> General Settings. 
  • MoEngage data App Key - This can be created within the MoEngage Dashboard > Settings >> APIs >> General Settings.  

Step 1: Create MoEngage destination on Hightouch

  1. On the Hightouch platform, in the Destinations section, click Add destination.
  2. Select MoEngage from the list of available destinations.
  3. Provide your MoEngage API key and App Key.Screenshot_2022-03-14_at_10.52.39_PM.png

Step 2: Sync users

You can sync Hightouch objects (users) to the MoEngage users. You can also perform record matching to help unify data across the two platforms.

The integration supports upserting users.  In this mode, new users will be inserted into MoEngage and all user attributes will be kept up-to-date within MoEngage. Upsert has three configuration parameters:

Hightouch Column Containing MoEngage User ID The name of the Hightouch column (id, created_at, first_name) that acts as unique user identifier in MoEngage.
Hightouch to MoEngage Default Field Mappings A list of common user attributes that will be pushed to new users in MoEngage.
Hightouch to MoEngage Custom Field Mappings A list of custom user attributes that will be pushed to new users in MoEngage.

Read more on MoEngage-Hightouch user upsert here. 

Step 3: Sync events

You can now also sync Customer's Events to MoEngage events. 

Setting an Event Name

When creating a sync for events, you can specify the name of the event being tracked. You can either input a static name or use a column from your model.


Setting an Event Timestamp

Select a column that is used as the timestamp of when the event happened. If this field is empty, Hightouch will use the time of when the event arrives at the server.


Record Matching

Records can be matched from your source to your MoEngage workspace by Moengage Id.


Field Mapping

Hightouch allows you to sync columns from your source to the supported MoEngage resources.


Custom Field Mapping

Any mappings from this section will be synced as attributes in the event. MoEngage expects custom properties to follow a snake_case format.
For more information, please read the Hightouch docs.
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