NiftyImages is a platform that enables marketers to create dynamic and personalized content for email campaigns. It offers real-time personalization for emails, including personalized images, countdown timers, live social feeds, and rule-based images.

MoEngage <> NiftyImages

With the MoEngage and NiftyImages integration, you can display multiple dynamic elements like personalized images, countdown timers, dynamic timers, rule-based images, data source images, as well as real-time images.




  • Access to your NiftyImages dashboard.

Step 1: Create your dynamic element on NiftyImages

  1. Go to the NiftyImages dashboard and create your Personalized Image:
  2. Once you have created your image, you can save the image and get the share URL:
  3. Copy this code. You will need to paste it inside your MoEngage Campaign's Template.

Step 2: Use this code inside MoEngage Campaigns

To include the NiftyImages code in your MoEngage campaign, on step 2 of the campaign creation- 

  1. Create a new HTML block
  2. Paste the copied code from Step 2 inside HTML Block. You can also insert a Dynamic Image.
  3. Replace the MERGE_TAG with MoEngage Templating code by typing "@" and selecting the appropriate attribute to personalize:
    HTML{{UserAttribute['First Name']}}

You can choose to view the Preview by clicking on the Preview icon or test your campaign.





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