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Marketers use MoEngage to engage with their users. All the data collected based on the user interactions is further used for analytics and re-targeting purposes. MoEngage exposes the capability to access this data in form campaign reports, a periodic event data dump and a stream of real time data events.

You can use these to receive information from the MoEngage account, or to integrate MoEngage into your own product.


You can refer to the details below: 

Capability API details  Description 
Transfer data from MoEngage S3 to other data warehouse MoEngage uploads events data of the customer to a secured S3 location. You can write an automation on top of this to transfer data from MoEngage S3 to any other data warehouse. 
Campaign reports

Campaign Report API helps to download the campaign reports. The API provides the an endpoint to fetch the configured Campaign reports on MoEngage. 


Streams help to to forward events present in MoEngage like user actions, campaign interaction events etc. to ​your own API endpoint in near real time. 

Note- Streams may not be enabled for your account by default. Please write to to get it enabled. 



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