Apxor is an app intelligence platform that helps mobile apps create hyper-contextualized in-app communications to onboard, activate, engage, retain, and convert end users.

MoEngage <> Apxor

The MoEngage and Apxor Integration will enable product and marketing teams to leverage analytics and create contextual, hyper-personalized Walkthroughs, Tooltips, Coachmarks, Spotlights, In-app messages and Surveys. To influence behavior of specific user groups, Marketers can create segments of customers, and these segements can be targeted by Apxor to drive effective onboarding, activation, feature adoption and announcements, truly unlocking Product Led Growth.

Setting up the SDK integration

  1. Add the following dependency to your application build.gradle file and click on “Sync Now” button:
    Path: /app/build.gradle
        // Event tracking and a must have dependency for other plugins
        implementation 'com.apxor.android:event-logging-helper:1.5.3@aar'
        // ..
  2. Find and replace all of the selected SDK event logging APIs with Apxor provided function:

    Replace this:

    Properties properties = new Properties();

    with this

    PropertiesWrapper propertiesWrapper = new PropertiesWrapper();

    Also, replace this:

    MoEAnalyticsHelper.INSTANCE.trackEvent(context, "Event", properties);

    with this

    MoEngageWrapper.trackEvent(MoEAnalyticsHelper.INSTANCE, context, "Event", propertiesWrapper);

Use Cases

Use MoEngage to bring users to your app via push, email, SMS, or social, and Apxor to guide them through the optimal conversion path via nudges, tutorials, and more. Analyze campaign data across MoEngage and Apxor to optimize your onboarding and adoption activities. Here are some examples of this integration in use:

Create personalized onboarding journeys

Find out how many users have downloaded your app but not opened it using MoEngage. Create a custom segment and send out personalized push notifications to encourage users to open your app.

Move users down the funnel

Use MoEngage’s user path analysis to find out where your users are dropping off the most, indicating that your users could need some extra information at this stage to proceed forward. Acting on this insight, use Apxor to fill the gap by placing contextual nudges that give information to your users, incentivizing them to move to the next step.

Convert and retain users likely to churn

Use MoEngage’s predictive segmentation to identify users who’ve been hibernating for too long and are most likely to churn. Send them an email or SMS announcing new features, the latest arrivals, or changes in subscription plans. Then use Apxor’s in-product tooltips or coach marks to introduce them to the latest updates.

Upsell and cross-sell with targeted recommendations

Analyze your user’s behavior with MoEngage to identify purchase trends and champion customers. Personalize your messages with MoEngage, and use Apxor to deliver them at the right moment, encouraging them to discover upsell or cross-sell benefits.



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