Apteligent is a mobile application performance platform providing tools and insights for developers and product managers.

MoEngage <> Apteligent

The MoEngage and Apteligent integration provides detailed Android and iOS crash reporting, allowing you to log critical data into your existing MoEngage solution as well as segment, understand, and engage with users who have experienced application crashes.




  • Ensure you have access to your TestDrive account.

Step 1: Register an observer

First, you must register an observer. Ensure that this is done before you initialize Apteligent.

[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(crashDidOccur:) name:@"CRCrashNotification" object:nil];

Step 2: Log custom crash analytics

The Apteligent SDK will fire a notification when the user loads the application after a crash occurs. The notification will contain the crash name, reason, and date of occurrence.

Upon receiving the notification, log a custom crash event and update user attributes with Apteligent’s crash reporting analytics:

(void)crashDidOccur:(NSNotification*)notification {
  NSDictionary *crashInfo = notification.userInfo;

MoEngageSDKAnalytics.sharedInstance.setUserAttribute(crashInfo[@"crashName"], withAttributeName: "lastCrashName")
MoEngageSDKAnalytics.sharedInstance.setUserAttribute(crashInfo[@"crashReason"], withAttributeName: "lastCrashReason")
MoEngageSDKAnalytics.sharedInstance.setUserAttribute(crashInfo[@"crashDate"], withAttributeName: "lastCrashDate")


Once completed, you’ll be able to harness the power of MoEngage's segmentation and analytics using the crash information found in the Apteligent platform.




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