Faraday.ai is a customer behavior prediction platform that helps businesses predict customer behavior using a developer-friendly API. It enables companies to optimize customer engagement through AI-driven predictions.

MoEngage <> Faraday

With the MoEngage and Faraday integration, you can derive rich behavior insights and predictions from the data captured by MoEngage's Campaign Interaction events.




Step 1: Set up MoEngage Data Warehouses Exports

Using MoEngage's Data Warehouses Exports, you can export your user's Campaign Interaction Data to your data warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, etc. If you do not have these Exports enabled for your account, you can either speak to your Customer Success Manager or request enablement for these integrations directly from the MoEngage App Marketplace.

Faraday currently supports the following data warehouses to which MoEngage exports:

  1. Snowflake
  2. Google BigQuery
  3. GCS
  4. Redshift
  5. S3

Step 2: Connect your Data Warehouse to Faraday

Follow the Faraday help docs to configure and set up your Data Warehouse to Faraday.

Step 3: Derive predictions on Faraday, and more!

Once you connect your data warehouse to Faraday, you are ready to derive personalized predictions like Customer personas, Forecast spending, Likelihood to buy again, Likelihood to churn, Product recommendations, and more!

You can create multiple cohorts on Faraday for various use cases like Churned customers, Leads, One-time purchasers, Repeat purchasers, etc.

Step 4: Sync cohorts with MoEngage

If you have connected Snowflake with Faraday, you can take advantage of our Snowflake Imports to import these created cohorts into MoEngage and target them.



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