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Movable Ink  is a cloud-based software platform that offers digital marketers a way to create compelling and unique visual experiences that move customers. The Movable Ink platform provides valuable customization options that can easily be inserted into your campaigns.


Expand MoEngage's creative capabilities by leveraging Movable Ink’s Intelligent Creative features like polling, countdown timer, and scratch-off. The Movable Ink and MoEngage integration powers a more well-rounded approach to dynamic data-driven messages, providing users with real-time elements about the things that matter.


Movable Ink capability Feature Push In-apps Emails  Notes
Creative Optimizer Display A/B Contents  
  Optimize ✔* *Must Use Branch’s Deeplinking solution
Targeting Rules Date ✔* *Supported but not recommended because push notifications are cached upon receipt and do not refresh
  Day of Week ✔* *Supported but not recommended because push notifications are cached upon receipt and do not refresh
  Time of Day ✔* Supported but not recommended because push notifications are cached upon receipt and do not refresh
Deep Linking within the app   ✔* ✔* *Must use Branch’s deep linking solution
Apps Countdown Timer ✔* *Supported but not recommended because push notifications are cached upon receipt and do not refresh
  Polling ✔* *After voting, will leave the app to be a mobile landing page
  Scratch Off ✔* ✔* *On click, will leave the app for the Scratch Off experience
  Video ✔* ✔* *Animated GIFs supported only for iOS

Benefits and Use Cases

You can level up your messaging strategy with the Movable Ink and MoEngage integration - 

1. Automatically create personalized content for every customer at the time of engagement. For example:

  • Use the Countdown Timer feature to notify users when a big sale is approaching example -Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Holiday Deals, etc.
  • Use the Scratch Off feature as a fun and interactive way to disburse Promo Codes.
  • Build creative for rich push notifications with real-time data from API, web, CSV, CRM sources, and more

2. Easily access your data to create unique and innovative content that resonates with your customers.

3. Target & generate relevant content using real-time data from customer profile, inventory, location, and more.




Ensure you have login credentials for your Movable Ink account. 

MoEngage supports including Moveable Ink content in emails, push notifications and in-app campaigns. You must first create the campaign content in Movable Ink, get the image source URL, and then reference the URL in your MoEngage campaigns. 

Step 1: Create data source for Movable Ink

Customers will need to create a data source that can either be a CSV, website import, or API integration. Read more about data source in Movable Ink here. movable_ink1.png

Step 2: Create campaign on the Movable Ink platform

From the Movable Ink home screen, create a campaign. You can select from email from HTML, email from image, or a block that can be used in any channel, including push, in-app message, and Content Cards (suggested). We also suggest taking a look at the various content options available through blocks.movable_ink5.png

Movable Ink has an easy editor for you to drag and drop elements like text, image, etc. If you have populated your data source, you can dynamically generate an image using the data properties. In addition, you can also create fallbacks within this flow for users if the campaign is sent and a user doesn’t fit within the personalization criteria. create_campaign2.png

Before finishing your campaign, make sure to preview the dynamic images and test out the query parameters to see what the images will look upon view. Once complete, a dynamic URL will be generated that can then be inserted in MoEngage!

Read more about creating campaigns on Movable Ink Platform here

Step 3: Obtain Movable Ink content URL

To include Movable Ink content into MoEngage campaigns, you must locate the source URL Movable Ink has provided you.Once you’ve configured your Movable Ink campaign,

  1. Go to the Finish & Export tab to export your creative tag.
  2. Copy the Image URL (img src) from the creative tag.


Step 4: Use Movable Ink url in MoEngage campaigns

To include the Movable Ink image URL in your MoEngage campaign, on the step 2 of campaign creation - 

Push campaigns 

iOS Android Web

Paste the url in Image URL or Rich Landing URL depending on your use-case - 


Paste the url in Image URL - 


In-App campaigns 

Insert the Movable Ink url into your in-app image url Screenshot_2022-02-15_at_2.32.59_AM.png

Email campaigns 

Insert the Movable ink personalized url in your email content 

Code Editor - Screenshot_2022-02-17_at_12.29.27_PM.png





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