Tealium is a universal data hub and customer data platform composed of EventStream, AudienceStream, and iQ Tag Management that enables you to connect mobile, web, and alternative data from third-party sources. Tealium’s connection to MoEngage enables a data flow of custom events, user attributes, and purchases that empower you to act on your data in real-time.


The MoEngage and Tealium integration allows you to track your users and route data to various user analytics providers.Data sync from Tealium to MoEngage using Tealium's Event Stream and AudienceStream

Event Stream - Tealium EventStream is a data collection and API hub that sits at the center of your data. EventStream handles the entire data supply chain from setup and installation to identifying, validating, and enhancing incoming user data. EventStream takes real-time action with event feeds and connectors.

Audience Stream - Tealium AudienceStream is an omni-channel customer segmentation and real-time action engine. AudienceStream takes the data that flows into EventStream and creates visitor profiles that represent the most important attributes of your customers’ engagement with your brand.


Integration scope Details 
Send data from Tealium to MoEngage  Event Stream 
Send data from Tealium to MoEngage  Audience Stream 



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