Configure Kwikchat (Gokwik)

MoEngage natively integrates with Kwikchat (GoKwik)to send Templated WhatsApp messages, show delivery, and read analytics for senders.

Configuring Kwikchat (GoKwik) with MoEngage is a two-step process:

Step 1: Sender Configuration

Step 2: Delivery Tracking

Sender Configuration

To configure a Sender from Kwikchat (GoKwik) on the MoEngage Dashboard, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > WhatsApp > Sender Configuration.
  2. Click the +Add connector from the left pane under the Sender configuration tab.


    You can choose Kwickchat (GoKwik) from the left pane if you have already added Kwikchat (GoKwik) to your connector list.
    select kwikchat left pane.png

  3. Select Kwikchat (GoKwik) from the Choose a connector dropdown and then click Done.
    select kwikchat.png

  4. Add the following details:

    Field Name Description
    Sender Name
    • Provide a name to the Sender profile.
    • This would be available in the Sender so that you can recognize this easily while using it to create a campaign inside MoEngage.
    • The Sender Name is a mandatory field that should be between 5-50 characters.
    WhatsApp business number
    • Enter the phone number registered with WhatsApp (through Kwikchat) using which you want to send out WhatsApp Messages to your users.
    • You can find the Sender Details on Kwikchat > Whatsapp Profile > phone number.
    • This is a mandatory field and is also referred to as the WABA number.

    Collect the API URL from your Vendor and then enter it in the API URL field.

    Sample URL:

    • Copy the API token in your Kwikchat(Gokwik) account and paste it into the X-api-key field in the Moengage dashboard.
    • You can find your API token by Logging in to your Kwikchat(Gokwik) account and navigating to Integrations > API.
      API token.png
  5. Click Save.
  6. Notify Kwikchat to enable/validate the API token.

Delivery Tracking

To track the delivery of your WhatsApp Messages inside MoEngage, you need to copy the MoEngage Delivery Tracking URL and update it on the Kwikchat (Gokwik) dashboard.
copy api.png



The URL in the image above is a sample URL. Copy the exact URL from your MoEngage dashboard and update it on the Kwikchat (Gokwik) dashboard.

To add the MoEngage Delivery Tracking URL to the Kwikchat (Gokwik) dashboard, 

  1. Login to your Kwikchat(Gokwik) account and go to Integrations > Webhook.
  2. Paste the URL in the Webhook URL field in the DELIVERY RESPONSE WEBHOOK section and enable the Webhook Status.
  3. Check the Moengage Integration checkbox and click the UPDATE WEBHOOKS button.
    webhook.pngUpon successful integration, the following message is displayed.



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