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Dynamic Yield is an Experience Operating System that algorithmically matches content, products, and offers to each customer across digital channels to increase revenue and drive loyalty.

MoEngage <> Dynamic Yield

The integration of Dynamic Yield and MoEngage brings together the power of personalized content and targeted email campaigns. With this integration, businesses can embed Dynamic Yield's content blocks and recommendation blocks directly into MoEngage's email campaigns.

By combining Dynamic Yield's AI-powered personalization with MoEngage's robust email marketing capabilities, businesses can deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time, maximizing engagement and ROI.




  • Access to your Dynamic Yield dashboard.

Dynamic Yield's Experience Email enables marketers to transform static emails into fully personalized experiences using a visual editor with drag-and-drop capabilities.

Step 1: Design an Experience Email campaign inside Dynamic Yield

  1. On your Dynamic Yield Dashboard, go to Email > Experience Emails, and click Create New.

  2. Choose a method to create your email: Start from scratch, copy a previous email, or you can also use a template.
  3. Enter a campaign name, note, and labels for your campaign in the heading area.
  4. Whether you use a preconfigured template or start from scratch, you can now insert and edit the email building blocks. Drag and drop from the menu on the right of the screen to add, arrange, and edit elements (click the building block to see all its design options). Email building blocks include:
    1. Recommendations: A widget offering users fully personalized recommendations.
    2. Dynamic Content: Target different promotions and messages to different audiences.
  5. Update your settings:
    1. Use the URL parameters to track clicks within your analytics software (optional). Add parameters to the defaults displayed as needed.
    2. Select an attribution window,
  6. Click Save & Exit. You can return to edit all elements of the email at any time until the code is generated.

Configure a recommendations block

The recommendation block allows you to establish algorithms and filters to deliver customized content to users, which is disseminated when the email is accessed. Follow the instructions given in the Dynamic Yield help docs to set up your recommendation block.

Configure a Dynamic Content block

Utilize Dynamic Content to direct varied promotions and messages to diverse users. The targeting can be grounded on either affinity or audience. Upon opening the email, Dynamic Yield decides the personalized experience to deliver. Follow the instructions given in the Dynamic Yield help docs to set up your dynamic content block.

Step 2: Prepare your code to integrate with MoEngage

This integration enables you to incorporate customized recommendation widgets and dynamic content, driven by Dynamic Yield, into your MoEngage email campaigns. The process of embedding these campaigns into MoEngage is straightforward, requiring only the pasting of a simple embed code into the MoEngage email editor.

Click the Code Parameters icon to set the ESP merge tags and apply them to all future emails:



Field Description 
cuid_type Set the user ID type in accordance with how you identified your users (such as by email address).
{{UserAttribute['Email (Standard)']}}
{{UserAttribute['Locale Language']}}


When you are happy with your email, you can then generate the code and embed it in your MoEngage Campaign:

  1. In Experience Emails, click Generate Code in the campaign's row.
  2. Next, Click Generate Code. The code is generated, also displaying a preview of the email:
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard.

Once you get the code, you can create a new MoEngage Email Campaign and paste it in the email body.

Step 3: Create a new MoEngage Campaign

To include the code in your MoEngage campaign, on step 2 of campaign creation- 

  1. Select the "Custom HTML editor" template >> "Edit/Paste HTML template".
  2. Paste the copied code from Step 2.

You can choose to view the Preview by clicking on the Preview icon or test your campaign.




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