Facebook Lead Ads (via Zapier)


Facebook Lead Ads make signing up for business information easy for people and more valuable for businesses. The Facebook lead ad app is useful for marketers who want to automate actions on their leads.

MoEngage <> Facebook Lead Ads

The MoEngage and Facebook Lead Ads integration can help you strengthen your lead generation process. Using Zapier, you can automatically transfer the Leads captured from your Facebook Leads account to MoEngage and target them with hyper-personalized campaigns. 




  • Ensure you have an active Facebook ad account and access to Business Manager.
  • You need a Zapier account to use this integration. Please follow the instructions mentioned here to connect your Zapier and MoEngage account.  

A. Import Facebook Leads to MoEngage

Note: This workflow makes use of the Create or Update User Action.

You can import your Leads as users in MoEngage and store their values as user attributes. This will enable you to create custom segments in MoEngage for targeted campaigns.

Follow the steps: 

Step 1: Select Facebook Lead Ads as the trigger app

  1. Select "Facebook Lead Ads" from the list of apps.
  2. Choose the "Event" as "New Lead". Click continue.
  3. Connect your Facebook Lead Ads account. Select your Facebook Lead Ads account from the dropdown and click continue. 
  4. Select your Facebook Page and your Form. Click continue.

  1. Click "Test trigger" and Zapier will try to fetch a recent Lead. Click on Continue to move to the next step.

Step 2: Select MoEngage as the Action app

Search for "MoEngage" from the apps and select it.


  1. From the event dropdown, select: "Create or Update User". Click continue.
  2. If you have followed the prerequisites, you should see your MoEngage account already listed. You can either choose that or connect a new one. Click continue once done.
  3. In the next step "Set up action", you will see a list of attributes and user properties for you to either fill in or map from the previous step. Click here to know more. You can add the relevant custom user attributes as per your requirements. Here is just an example:

  1. Once you are satisfied with your mappings, click on "Continue".
  2. In the final step, click on "Test & continue".
  3. If the test was successful, you should see a "success" return.

You can also verify this in your MoEngage dashboard. Go to your Facebook Lead's user profile and look under custom attributes:


You can now send campaigns by filtering users that have relevant user attributes or create targeted custom segments to engage your Leads.



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