Trigger campaigns


MoEngage allows you to create new campaigns or trigger existing campaigns from an external source. Read more about MoEngage campaigns. 


The following two use-cases are supported: 

1. Create new campaigns 

You can create new campaigns using our Campaign APIs. Currently, MoEngage only supports creation on Push API campaigns. 

Channel API details  Description 

Push API helps to:

    1. Create campaigns (targeting all users or a group of users) to send notifications.
    2. Target a single user using a unique user attribute.
    3. Personalize the payload for each user.

2. Trigger new campaigns 

A marketer can trigger an already existing campaign on MoEngage from an external source. 

Step 1- 

Create an event trigger campaign on MoEngage. Event trigger campaigns are triggered for a user only when a specific event is raised. Read more about event triggered campaigns

Step 2- 

You can set trigger from an external source to hit our Event APIs. As soon as an event is added, the campaign would be sent to the user. 



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