Use external creatives in campaigns


Marketers use creatives such as images, gifs, real time elements in their campaigns to make visually appealing and hence increase their campaigns' conversions. MoEngage allows marketers to use the creatives that created on external tools as URLs in MoEngage campaigns. 


The creative URLs are supported in the following campaign channels - 

  • Emails 
  • Push 
  • In-apps
  • On-site 


If you want to use creatives (images, gifs, polling, timers, etc) in MoEngage campaigns, refer to the steps below - 

Step 1.

Copy the URL of your creative 

Step 2.

On the step 2 of campaign creation - 

Push campaigns 


Paste the url in Image URL or Rich Landing URL depending on your use-case - 


Paste the url in Image URL - 


In-App campaigns 

Insert the url into your in-app image url Screenshot_2022-02-15_at_2.32.59_AM.png

Email campaigns 

Insert the url in your email content 

Code Editor - Screenshot_2022-02-17_at_12.29.27_PM.png



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