Vizard's no-code/low-code template editors help marketers generate dynamic personalised images on-the-fly. You can then use these inside images in MoEngage campaigns to deliver ultra-personalised messages.

MoEngage <> Vizard

MoEngage <> Vizard integration allows you to use personalised dynamic images (created on-the-fly) in MoEngage campaigns. The integration supports Push, Emails, In-apps and Onsite channels. 




Ensure you have a Vizard account.

There are two type of integrations supported- 

  1. Use your Vizard creatives directly in MoEngage campaigns by adding them as image URLs. 
  2. Fetch personalised Vizard creatives (rendered on the fly based on user attributes) in MoEngage

1. Using direct image URLs 

Step 1: Create a new project on Vizard

Create a new project using the required template.


There are multiple ways to create a template - either choose one from the template gallery or create your own on Figma and import it using their official plugin. To read more about creating templates, head over to the Vizard Knowledge Base

Once you have finalized your template, click the "Next: Use this template" button.

Step 2: Select "Generate Dynamic Images" to use APIs


Now all you need to do is click on "Next: Show Code" button. A modal will open to show you the code required to generate the images Dynamically.

Step 3: Get the Magic Image Link

Select the "Dynamic Image URL (Magic Image)" tab to get your URL. Select the dimension that you want to use in the email and click on "Copy to clipboard". The URL will look something like this:,bg_false?name=Hey!&cta=Swipe%20Now

To test it out just open the url in your browser. Try changing the value of url parameters at the end and opening in browser again. It will generate a new image every time you change the value of the parameters.

Step 4: Use this link in campaigns on MoEngage

To include the Vizard URL in your MoEngage campaign, on the step 2 of campaign creation- 

Push campaigns


In-App campaigns 

Insert the Vizard Ink url into your in-app image url:


Email campaigns

Insert the Vizard magic link URL directly in your email templates.

2. Using personalised URLs

If you want to use your Vizard creative across campaigns, you can store it as Content APIs in MoEngage. Once you get your URL as mentioned in Step 1 and Step 2 above,

Step 1: Add content API on MoEngage 



We've revamped our dashboard settings UI. Content API is now available in Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Content API in the revamped UI. For more information, refer to Summary of Changes - Settings UI Revamp.

  1. Revamped UI Old UI

    Navigate to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Content API. Click + Add content API at the top right corner of the Content API screen.


  2. Add your Vizard API to the endpoint URL. It should be the same as the one copied above.


    This URL should be the same as copied from the previous step.


    Your parameters will be auto-populated. Just update the values with the personalised variables. You can type "@" and select the variable.


  3. Note - You can also test your APIs by clicking on the Test button. You can your API response and validate.

Step 2: Using content APIs in MoEngage campaigns

You can now use these content APIs in your campaigns. Read here to know more about Content APIs 

  1. On step 2 on your campaign creation, enter @. 
  2. In the pop up, you can select the Vizard Content API configured in Step 2.
  3. You can use MoEngage Templating Language to parse through the API response and use the content in your campaigns.



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