Configure Infobip

MoEngage has a native integration for WhatsApp with Infobip which means that MoEngage can send messages and show Delivery and Read Analytics. This integration allows businesses to send Templated WhatsApp messages via one or more Senders powered by Infobip.

Sender Configuration

To configure a Sender from Infobip on MoEngage Dashboard, go to Settings->WhatsApp->Sender Configuration. Choose Infobip from the left list menu and click on + Sender, and configure details.


  1. Sender Name (Mandatory)- The Sender name is a name you want to provide to the Sender profile so that you can recognize this easily while using it to create a campaign inside MoEngage. The Sender Name should be between 5-50 characters

  2. WhatsApp business number (Mandatory) - It is the phone number registered with WhatsApp (directly or via Infobip) using which you want to send out WhatsApp Messages to your users. On Infobip, you can find Sender Details on Channels & Numbers ->WhatsApp ->Senders;

  3. API base URL (Mandatory) -  Login to your Infobip account and go to the Homepage. Copy the API base URL ( shown as masked in the example below) by clicking on Copy icon and pasting it.

  4. API Key (Mandatory) - Login to your Infobip account and go to the Homepage. Click on Manage API Keys. From the list of API Keys, copy the one that you want to use. If you don't have any API key, click on New API Key to generate a fresh key to be used.Infobip_APIKey.png

Delivery Tracking

To track the delivery of your WhatsApp Messages inside MoEngage, you would need to copy MoEngage Delivery Tracking URL and share it with Infobip and get it updated on their side. You should be able to see the URL as shown below:




The URL is a sample URL. Copy the exact URL from your MoEngage Dashboard before you share it with the Infobip team.



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