Oriserve is an end-to-end provider of conversational AI-powered chatbots, with the sole intention of helping enterprises make the customer experience count. Oriserve is focused on automating the customer journey which it does through its connected, multilingual, omnichannel, self-service platform, made by applying design thinking principles and AI.


A. Fin-tech (Transactional) - A user made a payment and you want to send a WhatsApp message to the user about the payment with the following options -

     1. View payment status
     2. View invoice 
     3. Make a new payment 

B. Media and Entertainment (Retention) - You want to inform user about the new shows/movies that might relevant to the user

     1. Play Now
     2. Add to Watchlist
     3. Show more 
     4. Open App

C. Ed-Tech (Adoption) - You want to remind the user of his/her upcoming course with the following options -
      1. View course details 
      2. View pre-reads 
      3. Share course
      4. Join class

In each of these use cases, the user can respond to the WhatsApp message and your bot recipe will guide them through their problem or connect them to your team.


MoEngage <> Oriserve 

The MoEngage and Oriserve integration allows you to seamlessly orchestrate the end-to-end customer lifecycle from bot builder, routed into a conversational experience via intelligent retargeting.


Bot needs to be created and configured on your Oriserve dashboard. The messages are then triggered using MoEngage connector campaigns.




  • Ensure you have a Oriserve account.
  • Ensure you have access to your Oriserve authorisation token. 

Step 1: Set up a bot experience on Oriserve   

1. Navigate to Bot Builder section on your dashboard and create a workflow.  Screenshot_2022-03-28_at_1.03.53_PM.png

2. Setup Flows as per your business use-cases. Flows are the building blocks to handle user conversations. Screenshot_2022-03-28_at_1.03.05_PM.png

Step 2: Create a connector campaign on MoEngage 

To create a connector campaign on MoEngage, 

1. Navigate to Create Campaign >> Connectors >> Custom and choose delivery type most suitable to your needs Screenshot_2022-02-21_at_10.48.46_PM.png

2. On step 2 of the campaign 

  • Select method as POST
  • Add Webhook URL as :
  • In Headers, add
    • Content-Type as application/json
    • Authorization  as your <Oriserve authorisation key> 
  • In Body, choose Raw and copy paste the code from your Ori's bot.  Screenshot_2022-03-28_at_12.54.52_PM.png

3. At this point, your campaign should be ready to test and send. You can also test your connector configuration using the Test functionality available on Step 2 of Create Connector Campaign. Screen_Shot_2022-02-22_at_11.12.42_AM.png

If your test user successfully receives the message, your set-up is good to go. You can go ahead and Publish the campaign.



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