Kickdynamic enables users to create live images for use in email. The platform is built to enable users to create everything they need directly in the UI with no customization.

MoEngage <> Kickdynamic

With the MoEngage and Kickdynamic integration, you can enrich your emails with dynamic content that is personalized and rendered upon the opening of your email.


Step 1: Create a Personalized Image Template in Kickdynamic

  1. On your Kickdynamic dashboard, navigate to the Templates area of the platform, then Content Automation, and select ‘+ New Template’.
  2. Name the template in the Description. To create a branded Personalized image in the Kickdynamic platform, ensure you have already designed a background image. Then, click on the canvas and use the menu options on the right-hand side to upload the created background image.
  3. To add the first layer of personalization, select the ‘Add Block’ button and a block will appear in the center of the canvas.
  4. Then select ‘Connect Source’, highlighted below:
  5. To display the personalization, connect to the URL parameter which allows you to merge any data you store in MoEngage. 
  6. Name the parameter something identifiable to the user while building this out. For example, for first name personalization, it could be named firstname or first_name like in the example below:
  7. You can look at the additional functions provided by Kickdynamic here.

Step 2: Create a Personalized Image Campaign in Kickdynamic

  1. On your Kickdynamic dashboard, navigate to a campaign / create a new campaign and select the Content Automation widget.
  2. Name the mailing and/or tag and select the right template:
  3. Define the link where you want the image to link to and click next:
  4. All URL parameters linked in the template will automatically pull through into the Tag like so:
  5. Within the generated Tag, replace value with MoEngage Personalization code like so:
    <a href="'First%20Name'%5D%7D%7D">
    <img src="'First%20Name'%5D%7D%7D" width="640" height="427" border="0"/> </a>
    At the time of opening the email, the merge code will pull through the data associated with the particular subscriber who is opening. The value will tell the Kickdynamic tag what to display, e.g. ‘Katie’ or ‘Henry’ for first name merges.



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