Key concepts

The following terms should help you as you begin your journey on integrating with MoEngage - 

1. Users

MoEngage creates a user for every person that launches the app and visits the website. Know more about users in MoEngage.   

2. Events

Events track the actions that users perform on the app or website. For example - launching an app, viewing a product, sharing a song, making a purchase, etc. 

3. Segments 

A segment is a group of users defined by specific properties or values. The segments can be used to send campaigns or to analyze specific information or behavioral traits of users. Know more about MoEngage segments

3. Engagement channels

MoEngage offers various channels to reach your users with our campaigns : 

SMS : Read more about SMS

Email : Read more about Email Campaigns 

Push : Read more about Push Notifications

Flows : Read more about MoEngage Flows

Connectors :  Read more about connectors 

In-Apps : Read more about In-Apps

On-Site : Read more about onsite messaging 

4. Streams

MoEngage allows you to forward events present in MoEngage like user actions, campaign interaction events etc. to ​your own API endpoint in near real time via MoEngage Streams.

4. Data center 

MoEngage maintains multiple data centers and you will be part of the data center when you sign up with us. You can find out the data center from your dashboard URL. Read more 






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