Radar is a comprehensive location platform that offers geofencing, geocoding, and maps. It is designed to power location-based experiences across millions of devices worldwide. 

MoEngage <> Radar

Radar's core products include Geofences, Trip Tracking, and Geo APIs. The integration between MoEngage and Radar aims to leverage the power of location-based data to enhance marketing campaigns. Radar's Geo APIs can be used to show nearby places in MoEngage campaigns, providing users with relevant and contextual information. With the MoEngage and Radar integration, you can:

  1. Target users when they are near your physical store with a promotional campaign to drive them in-store.




  • You would need your Radar Publishable API Key to get started.

Display nearby places inside MoEngage Campaigns

Step 1: Set up a MoEngage Content API



We've revamped our dashboard settings UI. Content API is now available in Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Content API in the revamped UI. For more information, refer to Summary of Changes - Settings UI Revamp.

  1. Revamped UI Old UI

    Navigate to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Content API. Click + Add content API at the top right corner of the Content API screen.


  2. Add your Radar Nearby Places API to the endpoint URL. Depending on your use case, the endpoint will change. 

    We will make use of Radar's Search Places API to fetch the HTML content of your templates.

    While setting up your content API, insert the following URL:


    You can write your chains in the URL Parameters. If your project has a chain mapping, the mapped ID can be used in place of the chain slug.

    Under Headers, add the following:

    1. Authorization: <your-api-key>
  3. Select the method as GET
  4. Click on "Save" and then "Done" once you see a successful response.
  5. Note - You can also test your APIs. To test your APIs, from the Content API's action menu, click on "Test". You can see your API response and validate it. 

Step 2: Display your places inside MoEngage campaigns

To use this API in your MoEngage campaigns,

  1. On step 2 on your campaign creation, enter @. 
  2. In the pop up, you can select the Radar Nearby Places API configured in Step 1.
  3. You can use MoEngage Templating Language to parse through the API response and use the content in your campaigns:
    {% set response = ContentApi.RadarNearbyPlaces({({"params":{"near":"{{UserAttribute['Latitude']}},{{UserAttribute['Longitude']}}","chains":"target,walmart"},"static_params":{},"dynamic_params":{},"request_body":{}})}) %}

    {% for place in response.places %}

    {{ place.name }}

    {% endfor %}!
  4. You can check your Preview on the right to view your campaign in real-time personalization:





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