Smashpops provides highly addictive and customized gamified pop-ups to add new email subscribers and grow your customer base through your app or website.

MoEngage <> Smashpops

Using the MoEngage and Smashpops integration, you can target the customers who have played on your website and give them rewarding coupons through email campaigns. You can also create custom segments and retarget them to win back your dormant users. Smashpops updates the user attributes on MoEngage whenever someone plays a game and also forwards the events so that you can timely target them using Flows.




  • Ensure you have access to your Smashpops account.
  • Ensure you have access to your MoEngage account. 

Step 1: Get your Data API Key and Secret from MoEngage

  1. On your MoEngage Dashboard, go to Settings > App > APIs.
  2. Under Data API Settings, make a note of:
    1. Data API ID
    2. Data API Key
  3. You will need these values to set up the integration on Smashpop.

Step 2: Setup MoEngage integration on Smashpop

  1. On your Smashpop dashboard, go to “Integrations” and click on “Add integration > MoEngage”.

  1. Fill in the following values:
Field Description 
Data Center (cluster)

Region of your MoEngage data cluster. This can be found in your dashboard URL : - enter the value of "X" - "1", "2" or "3" (number only)

App ID

The Data API ID you copied earlier. API ID of your MoEngage account. You can find this by navigating to Settings -> App > APIs on your MoEngage Dashboard


The Data API Key you copied earlier. API Key of your MoEngage account. You can find this by navigating to Settings -> App > APIs 

  1. Once you’ve entered this info, click on “Add account” and it should have added your MoEngage integration.
  2. Next, edit a popup in SmashPops, go to “Settings > Data collection”, click on “+ Add integration” and select your MoEngage integration.

MoEngage setup 3

  1. From there, click on “Advanced fields bindings” and enter variable names for the extra properties you’d like us to send to MoEngage (for instance spps_last_coupon_code for the coupon code and spps_last_coupon_name for the coupon name).

MoEngage setup 4

  1.  You can also add any other custom property you want. Click on "+ Add static field", and enter the value of the field and choose the name of the field to be sent to MoEngage.
  2. Save your popup when you're done editing it.

Step 3: Check user attributes on MoEngage when someone plays a game

  1. Smashpop will create the user in your MoEngage account (with the custom properties you specified).

  1. Use these custom attributes to create your custom segments on MoEngage and send out targetted campaigns:

Step 4: Create event-triggered campaigns when someone plays a game

  1. Smashpops will also send a “SmashPops game played” event (also with the custom properties you specified):

  1. Use this event to either send out event-triggered campaigns or create an omnichannel orchestration using flows:

MoEngage setup 7

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