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Mozart Data provides an out-of-the-box modern data stack that empowers anyone to easily consolidate, organize, and prepare their data for analysis.

MoEngage <> Mozart Data

With the MoEngage and Mozart Data integration, you can import and export data between MoEngage and Mozart using Snowflake as the data warehouse. By leveraging this integration, you can effectively analyze user behaviors by combining Mozart data with MoEngage data. Additionally, you can use a business intelligence tool to further explore and gain insights from the data stored in Snowflake. This integration provides a seamless flow of data between MoEngage and Mozart, enabling you to enhance customer engagement opportunities and gain a more holistic understanding of user behaviors.




  • You need a Mozart Data account for this integration.
  • You will need to enable Snowflake Exports for your account.
  • You will need to enable Snowflake Imports for your account.

Mozart Data needs you to use your Snowflake account for storing all your data. MoEngage has native bi-directional integration with Snowflake, allowing you to seamlessly transfer data in and out of MoEngage.

If you do not have a Snowflake account, Mozart Data can provision a new Snowflake account for you.

Sending data from MoEngage to Mozart Data

You can send Campaign Interaction Data of your users from MoEngage to your Snowflake tables using Snowflake Exports.

Sending data from Mozart Data to MoEngage

Using Mozart Data, you can perform various transformations on your data, as well as link more BI tools and data sources to Mozart Data, combining it for a more holistic view. Once ready, you can import this data using Snowflake Imports to MoEngage. Currently, we support importing Users as well as Events.

Using the integration

As a Mozart Data user, you can seamlessly access your MoEngage data that is synced to your Snowflake data warehouse. Mozart Data provides a powerful SQL transformation layer, allowing you to create custom views and tables to analyze user engagement with MoEngage messages. By combining MoEngage data with other application data, such as demographic information, shopping history, and product usage, you can gain valuable insights to make informed decisions about engagement strategies and improve user retention. Mozart Data's Query tool enables you to perform in-depth analyses within its interface and export the results for presentations. With Mozart Data's integration with MoEngage, you can unlock the full potential of your data and drive data-driven decisions to enhance your customer engagement strategies.



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