Singular is a unified marketing analytics platform that delivers attribution, cost aggregation, marketing analytics, creative reporting, and workflow automation.

MoEngage <> Singular

The MoEngage and Singular integration allows you to import paid install attribution data from Singular to MoEngage intelligently within your campaigns.




  • Ensure you have a Singular account. 
  • Ensure you have access to the Settings section on your MoEngage dashboard. 

You can follow these setup instructions to turn on Singular integration and send callbacks to MoEngage if you like.

Step 1: Get MoEngage attribution tracking app key



We've revamped our dashboard settings UI. Acquisition Settings are available in Settings -> Analytics and Data -> Acquisition tracking. For more information, refer to Summary of Changes - Settings UI Revamp.

Revamped UI Old UI

Navigate to Settings -> Analytics and Data -> Acquisition tracking in the MoEngage Dashboard.

  1. Turn on Acquisition Tracking, and select Singular from the dropdown. This will generate an App Key.


  2. Click Save. 
  3. Copy the App Key. This is required for configuring MoEngage on Singular.

Step 2: Configure MoEngage on Singular

On your Singular dashboard, 

  1. Navigate to Attribution > Partner Configuration.
  2. Start typing the partner's name i.e. MoEngage_Partner, and select MoEngage from the list.
  3. In the Configuration window, select the App you want to configure and then select App Site (platform version).
  4. Select the checkboxes - Send Postbacks to Network on All Installs and Send Event Postbacks on any app installs for this app.


  5. You need to enter the following details regarding your MoEngage app -

    Field Description 
    App ID

    App ID of your MoEngage account. You can find this by navigating to Settings -> App Settings.

    App Key Acquisition tracking key of your MoEngage account. This is the key that you copied in the previous step. 
    Region  Region of your MoEngage data cluster. Read more
  6. Click Save. 

How to use the Acquisition Data in MoEngage

After MoEngage starts receiving data from Singular, you can leverage this data in the following ways:

1. User Attributes

We track two User Attributes - "Campaign Name" and "Publisher Name". These attributes can be used in your campaigns, segmentation and analytics. The Publisher Name and Campaign Name of Install give you an added insight into the persona of the user and you can leverage this data to enhance your onboarding campaigns, user funnels and in general, personalize your marketing automation activities on MoEngage. The next sections list a few popular use-cases on how you can leverage this data in MoEngage.


2. Analyze the performance of different publishers

Singular Integration can help analyze the effectiveness of your app install campaigns and sources in MoEngage. With the help of the data you are already tracking in MoEngage, like user events, conversion goals, and uninstalls, you can compare the performance of different app install campaigns you are running and also analyze the relative performance of installs from different publishers to optimize your marketing spends.

To analyze this data, you can view the MoEngage acquisition dashboard here.


If you are using MoEngage Analytics, you can also leverage the Publisher Name and Campaign Name information of Installs to analyze your user funnels.

3. Analyze the performance of different campaigns

After the integration is enabled, you can also see your acquisition data analysis on the acquisition dashboard by navigating from the dashboard sidebar: Analyze -> Acquisitions


4. Enhanced Onboarding Campaigns

You can use the Publisher Name and Campaign Name of install, which are present as user properties in MoEngage, to create Segments and accordingly personalize the push notifications, in-app messages, emails, and SMS that you are sending them via MoEngage.

Install attribution data gives you an insight into how the users could progress further in their lifecycle right when they install the app. This is a very useful piece of information and can help you to enhance the performance of your onboarding campaigns by improving retention, reducing the time to the first conversion, and also helping drive a higher LTV per user.

Publisher Category Use-case
Publishers where average sessions per user are low Send push notifications periodically to increase the average no. of sessions per user right from the time the users install the app.
Publishers where average LTV is high These are your potential premium users and you could implement a campaign strategy to nurture them into your segment for premium users.
Publishers where the uninstall rate is high You could identify these users who have a higher propensity to churn immediately after they install the app and incentivize such users to make a first purchase which can, in turn, reduce your churn rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I see the install data from Facebook in MoEngage?
A. According to Facebook data sharing policies, the install data from Facebook can only be seen in Singular and not sent to any other platforms. These would be seen as Organic Installs in MoEngage. You could alternatively use our APIs to send Facebook data to MoEngage separately.



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