Adjust is a mobile attribution and analytics company that combines attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics for a comprehensive picture of business intelligence.

MoEngage <> Adjust

The MoEngage and Adjust integration lets you import non-organic install attribution data to segment more intelligently within your lifecycle campaigns. MoEngage accepts the Install Postback with Campaign Name and Publisher Name from Adjust.




  • Ensure you have an Adjust account.
  • Ensure you have access to Settings section on your MoEngage dashboard. 

You can use follow these setup instructions to turn on Adjust’s integration and send callbacks to MoEngage.

Step 1: Get MoEngage attribution tracking app key

Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard > Settings > Analytics.

      1. Under 'Acquisition Settings', turn on 'Acquisition Tracking', and select Adjust from the dropdown. This by default will generate an 'App Key'. Screenshot_2022-07-19_at_10.47.23_AM.png
      2. Hit Save to save all the key. 
      3. Copy the key. This will required for the next step. 

Step 2: Configure MoEngage on Adjust

On your Adjust dashboard, 

      1. Navigate to App options caret.

      2. Select Partner Setup >> Add Partners and select MoEngage. moengage-sc1.png

      3. You need to enter the following details regarding your MoEngage app -
        Field Description 
        App ID

        App ID of your MoEngage account. You can find this by navigating to Settings -> App Settings

        Password Data API key of your MoEngage account. You can find this by navigating to Settings -> Analytics. This is same as the key that you had copied in Step 1. 
        Region  Region of your MoEngage data cluster. Read more
        Tracking key  Acquisition tracking key of your MoEngage account. This is the key that you copied in the previous step. 
        For more information on the setup, refer to the Adjust documentation.
      4. Click Save. 

Advanced Integration

The MoEngage <> Adjust Integration also sends events from Adjust to MoEngage. To leverage MoEngage capabilities like push notifications, in-apps would require some additional integration. Read here for the advanced integration with Adjust CDP. 

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