Purchasely is an intuitive no-code Paywall Builder for In-App Subscription maximization. It help customers build & run native paywalls and A/B tests like you’ve never done before. Purchasely is a platform based, digital engagement and communication service company that provides high volume messaging aervices along with workflow automation and predictive insights. 


MoEngage <> Purchasely integration will allow you to get all the available Purchasely events to MoEngage and get a better and deeper understanding of your subscription business and customer behavior. Purchasely provides a unified dataset to track the subscription events for all stores. These events are generated by the Purchasely backend and can be sent to MoEngage.


  • Ensure you have access to your Purchasely account.
  • You need minimal version of the Purchasely SDK supporting this integration is 3.6.0. 
    The MoEngage SDK also needs to be integrated in your app. 
Subscription events generated by Purchasely will be sent to MoEngage using a server-to-server integration. As a result, you will be able to see all the subscription events in your MoEngage Dashboard and map them with your acquisition campaigns.
See the full list of events here.

Integration Steps 

Follow the steps here to set up an integration between Purchasely and MoEngage - 

1. Associate users to events 

Associate the user to events by providing the ${integration_sdk_property} to the Purchasely SDK. See the documentation here for more details

2. Activate integration

  1. Go in the "External integrations" section, and open the edition form for MoEngage:
  2. Enable the integration
  3. Set your MoEngage app details. On your MoEngage dashboard, navigate to Settings >> App settings >> General and copy the values for APP_ID, DATA API ID, DATA API KEY.
  4. Enable the events you want to be sent to MoEngage.
    (Optional)-  You can override the names of the events that will be sent to MoEngage
  5. Enable the user properties you want to be sent to MoEngage
    Note [Optional]- You can override the names of the user properties that will be sent to MoEngage
  6. Click Save

3. Test your integration

To test your integration, you can perform a set of in-app purchases in a Sandbox environment (eg: TestFlight for the App Store) and verify your events are received in the MoEngage dashboard. 

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