mParticle Audience 


mParticle audience allows you to define audiences and connect them to integrations for the purpose of engaging with your users. This can be very powerful when it comes to user engagement and monetization scenarios.


Step 1. Setup MoEngage as output on mParticle 

On mParticle dashboard,

  1. Navigate to Setup > Output
  2. Go to the Audience tab. Click Add audience output on top right.
  3. Search for MoEngage. 
  4. In the pop up, provide the details of your MoEngage app.


    Field Details  
    Configuration name  You can give any name to your configuration - eg. "MoEngage Prod" 
    App ID

    It can be accessed within the MoEngage Dashboard > Settings >> APIs >> General Settings >> APP ID

    Secret key

    It can be created within the MoEngage Dashboard > Settings >> APIs >> General Settings >> Data API Key


Step 2: Create an audience in mParticle

On your mParticle dashboard,

  1. Navigate to Audiences >> + New Audience 
  2. Fill the details on Audience name, and select your desired input source 
  3. Click Create. Now, you can define our audience. Read more about creating Audiences in mParticle here. Click Activate.

Step 3: Connect the audience to MoEngage 

  1. Click on your audience and go to Connect tab. Screenshot_2022-10-20_at_12.51.20_PM.png
  2. Select your MoEngage account here. This is the one that you had configured in the Step 1. 
  3. Turn on the active toggle and click Add Connection. 

After the sync, the audience will available as a custom segment in MoEngage.
On your MoEngage dashboard, navigate to Segment >> Custom segment and search for your audience here. 
Read more about customer segments in MoEngage. 

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