Infobip is an omnichannel engagement platform that helps brands create meaningful relationships with their customers at scale and offers a broad range of solutions, messaging channels, and tools for advanced customer engagement, authentication, security, support, and retention.




  • Ensure you have access to your Infobip Dashboard and have the API key for your Infobip account.

Configure Infobip as a Custom SMS Connector

This document will help you set Infobip as a Custom Connector on the MoEngage dashboard.

Log in to the MoEngage dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Channel > SMS & Connectors and click the SMS Connector Config tab.
  2. In Custom Connecters, click +CREATE.

Step 1: Set the Connector

Fill in the following details:

Field Description
Connector Name Type the name to identify the Infobip custom connector.

Sender Name

Type the name to identify the Infobip sender.

Step 2: Configure Webhook

  1. Add Infobip API URL. Use POST Method to send the API request and copy the URL below in API URL Field.
  2. Add the Authorization Header details request headers as shown below.Infobip_AuthHeader.png
  3. Choose the Body Type as Raw and add the following details:

Change the values of Sender_ID and YourMoEngageAccountURL based on your Infobip and MoEngage accounts.

Step 3: Test and save the settings

Do a test SMS to make sure everything is set up correctly. And finally, click Save to save the settings. 

Step 4: Delivery Tracking

You can configure delivery tracking after creating the sender in the MoEngage Dashboard. For information about Delivery Tracking, refer to Delivery Tracking for Custom Connectors.

Sample response from Infobip for a successfully sent message


Sample response from Infobip for a delivered message


Mapping delivery response

Choose fields from Delivery Response to auto-populate the response mapping fields, as shown below.


Next Steps

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